Terms of Sales

General conditions of sale of Maillots90Minute.com

What are the customer’s rights regarding returns?

The law states that a buyer has the right to change their mind and return an item. The return in question must in no case generate penalty costs. However, returning an item requires compliance with certain rules and conditions.

These conditions do not concern the return of defective items or personalized items that are produced by the site. Indeed, jerseys to which additional elements have been added are not returnable except if there is a manufacturing defect.

If you are dissatisfied with your order (damaged item, error in the product delivered, error in the size of the clothes delivered), check that the error was not made when you placed the order by consulting your purchase order. delivery ; and if not, quickly contact customer service to exchange the incorrect product. The time limit for complaints in the event of an incorrect product is 5 days and the costs relating to the exchange are the responsibility of the buyer.

What are the conditions for returning an item?

All returned items must be sent back to Maillots90minute within 14 business days of delivery of the package. Beyond this period, returns are no longer valid.

The returned product must be in perfect condition to be put back for sale. A product damaged by the customer cannot be subject to a return.

The return of a product will be made to the site’s after-sales services. It is necessary to claim and return a return document to the site managers before actually returning the product.

The return can be done by post or by any other carrier. However, all transport costs as well as the risks relating to this return are the responsibility of the customer.

If the return is properly made, Maillots90minute will refund you the value corresponding to the purchase of the returned item. Transport costs, whatever they are, will not be reimbursed. The refund will be made within 48 hours of receipt of the package by the managers of Maillots90minute. If the payment was made by credit card, it will take around 7 to 14 days for the payment to be credited to your bank account.

The site is in no way responsible for any problem with the transportation of the product. Maillots90minute can only reimburse the buyer if all of the above conditions are met. Returned products that do not meet these conditions will be returned to the sender.