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Are you a big football fan? You don’t know what to wear to support your favorite team during their next match? Want to wear the same jerseys as your idols? Maillot90minute.com is here to make your wishes come true.

in regards to Straight imported from Thailand, the 90 minute and Cadenza jerseys are worn all over the world and in France. These are the football shirts of the moment. If you really want to be “in”, get yourself one of these great football kits as soon as possible. The biggest French rap stars have already bought it like Jul, PNL and Alonzo. These swimsuits are some of the best of Thai production and deliciously remind us of the region with their beautiful color which is without reminding us of the beautiful white sand beaches, vegetation, bars and hotels of Pattaya, Thailand. If you feel like you need a bit of the exotic, but the only trip you can take right now is the route that will take you to your next football match, put on your 90 minute t-shirt or Cadence. You will undoubtedly be the star of the day with your personalized football shirt in the most beautiful summer colors. The super flashy 90 Minute and Cadenza jerseys can indeed be personalized with your name and number. And that’s not all ! You can even add the logos of very famous football sponsors like Fly Emirates, Yamaha, etc. And as if that weren’t enough, you even have the option of putting the names of the most famous Super Saiyans on your jersey. Indeed, you can borrow the name of Sangoku or Vegeta to decorate your jersey and this name will be accompanied by the logo of the famous manga so that you really look like a super football warrior. So, don’t hesitate any longer, reveal your star temperament by wearing the superb Thai 90 minute and Cadenza jerseys. The best have already worn it, so why not you? Maillot90minute.com is an e-commerce site. The site specializes in the sale of football articles, in particular t-shirts with the effigies of the various clubs of the European leagues or even complete outfits with the shorts included. Who can buy football shirts from Maillot 90 Minute? We have a wide range of choices for men, women and children. Whatever your style, you will find the swimsuit that suits you. To help you with your purchases and to facilitate your research, the site is already divided into several sections, 90 Minute jersey (MM4/MM5), Cadenza (CZ1/CZ2) and long sleeve jersey (MM5) What are the different Sponsors available for 90 Minutes jerseys Currently we have more than 25 Sponsor / logo available such as Yamaha, Tmax, Kawasaki, Fly Emirate, Qatar Airway, QLF, KTM, Red Bull, Monster, Sangoku, Vegeta, Coca-Cola, Gold and Platinum and many more still others.
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